NORFOLK-States to the north, south, and west of Virginia have at least one full-service casino. Many states, including Maryland, have turned to gambling as a way to help fill government coffers and increase business. Many people are asking whether Virginia should be next.

'Our infrastructure is getting worse and there's no money,' said Norfolk Vice-Mayor Anthony Burfoot. 'We talk about tolls, we talk about taxing our citizens instead of looking at new ways to create revenue.'

Other people say a casino is a risky bet and leads to costly problems.

'I don't think there's anyway the economic justification of gambling -- to bring additional tax revenue into the state would override the damage it would do,' said Don Blake, of the Virginia Christian Alliance. 'It brings crime and corruption into the community.'

A study into the impact of a potential casino in Hampton Roads was recently completed. 13News Now will have an in-depth look at the report plus look at how new casinos have impacted communities in nearby states. Join us for this special report Monday at 6:00 p.m. on 13News Now.

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