NAVAL STATION NORFOLK -- USS George H. W. Bush left for its second deployment Saturday. This time, the departure came with a delay because of organisms in the water.

'I have lots of pieces of equipment on board the ship that use seawater for cooling, and so sometimes, we get unlucky, and we suck some of that stuff up into some of the machines, and so now we just got to get it out,' said Captain Andrew Loiselle, the commanding officer of the Bush.

USS George H. W. Bush leads Carrier Strike Group Two. While it did not leave on time, USS Truxton did.

Mary Anderson drove her family from south Georgia to say goodbye to her son.

'Has chose to leave his fiancee behind and us, and do what he has to do to make things happen, said Anderson.'

'My son Richard Roddy OS3 is on board, and it's difficult to let your firstborn go. It's worse than going off to college. He's going off to defend our country, so I miss him already,' said Lisa Roddy.

'We don't anticipate major combat operations, but we're ready,' Loiselle told 13News Now. 'You never know when the next earthquake is going to occur or when another major disaster and we could be called upon, and we are ready for anything and everything.'

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