VIRGINIA BEACH -- Some four-legged troublemakers are literally rooting around Hampton Roads. The feral hog population at Back Bay National Wildife RefugeandFalse Cape State Parkin Virginia Beach is tearing things up.

Federal and state wildlife biologists are working to control these destructive wild hogs and keep them out of your neighborhood.

The pigs are rooting around for food in the marshes of the Back Bay andFalse Cape State Park, causing a lot of damage and endangering the habitat of the birds the refuge was established to protect.

'So, we're trying to cut this off before it starts and before it becomes a big issue because when they 'do' get established, they're very hard to get rid of,' explains Peter Acker, a wildlife biologist with the Virginia Deptartment of Game & Inland Fisheries.

Tonight on 13News Now at 11 p.m., how feral pigs became a problem in the first place, why you should be concerned and what's being done to get rid of them.


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