WASHINGTON, D.C.- The nuclear-powered U.S.S.GeorgeWashington would receive an $848 million overhaul and refueling if the fiscal year 2015 Senate Defense Appropriations bill is passed.

The announcement of funding for the Norfolk-based aircraft carrier came during a bill mark-up at the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

'It ain't over til it's over, but this is excellent news for Hampton Roads and Virginia. This $848 million appropriation provides certainty for our shipyards, and allows them to retain the skilled workers required for a refueling and complex overhaul,' Sen. Mark Warner said.

'Today's progress represents strong, solid work over many months by Virginia's bipartisan congressional delegation. It also commits the Navy to maintaining an 11-carrier fleet, which is absolutely essential to our national security,' Warner says.

'With Senator Durbin's announcement today, all four critical committees have sent the clear signal that Congress supports upholding the 11-carrier statutory mandate and refueling the USS George Washington,' said Sen. Tim Kaine.

Today's news comes two weeks after a report that had raised the possibility of an 'early decommission' of the 22-year-old vessel.

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