ELIZABETH CITY -- An Elizabeth City man is facing charges for running an illegal gaming business following an eight-month investigation, police said.

According to police, Curtis Markham had disguised an illegal business on Poindexter Street as C&M Enterprises.

Markham had obtained a license to run a business to sell used merchandise and on-line trading for the location, police said.

During their investigation, officers say they noticed plywood on the windows and doors, camera systems at all access points to the building, heavy-duty magnetic door locks, and a person manning the front door.

Officers say they also saw individuals with a history of gambling and drug sales frequent the building.

Police raided the business Friday. Markham and three patrons were inside. Officers say they found pool tables, electronic gaming devices, other gaming paraphernalia, cash and a small amount of a controlled substance.

Police then executed a search warrant at Markham's home on Weeksville Road and found cash, two long-barreled weapons, and a small amount of marijuana.

Markham bonded out of jail Saturday morning, according to police. He is charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, operate and possess video game for profit, and conduct and operate a video sweepstakes business.

Markham will be in court on August 4 in Pasquotank County.

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