VIRGINIA BEACH As the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team begins their work in Virginia Beach, neighbors in the Carriage Hill area say the project hasn't been easy on them.

Neighbors tell 13News they are happy for the Hill-Burdette family who's getting a new home, but they'll also be happy once it's complete.

They say sleeping isn't so easy these days because of all the noise. Getting in and out of the neighborhood has also become a chore.

Carla Hazen says her son's school bus can't come into the neighborhood.

'There was mass confusion. The bus could not get down the street so my husband had to take children to school,' Hazen explained.

One resident even put caution tape around her front yard to try and keep people off it. It was apparently getting trampled on by all the spectators and torn up by work trucks.

Co-host Johnny Littlefield said they're offering free hotel stays for any neighbor and promises to fix the yards when they're done.

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