RICHMOND (AP) -- One of the sweetest seasons is under way in Virginia, with strawberries ripening and ready for picking.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services reports that berries were ripe for the Mother's Day weekend in Southside Virginia and the Tidewater. Other parts of the state are ripening this week.

Strawberries are arriving a little late this year because of the cooler spring.

While Virginia only has 250 acres of strawberry fields, each acre produces a significant amount of fruit. On average, an acre yields about 18,000 pounds of strawberries.

13News reporter Joe Flanagan visited the Henley farm in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach. It's one of the pick-your-own fields.

'We like these cool 70, 75 degree days. The strawberries produce and they ripen,' said extension agent Cal Schiemann. 'It gets too hot get the mid 80's and above and the strawberry plant shuts down production.'

The Pungo Strawberry Festival will be held May 28 and 29.

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