CHESAPEAKE -- 'It's scary to know, you know, your peace is violated. It's just taken from you,' a person who lives in Logan's Mill said.

Saturday, her neighbor was walking along the lake in the subdivision when somebody attacked her.

'As she was coming back -- she was walking her dogs -- someone came up behind her and grabbed her underneath the arms. She started screaming, kicking, ripped off his arm. He got her around her neck.'

The dog owner, who did not get a good look at her attacker, was able to break free and get back to her home.

'When you see somebody as tough as my neighbor that got attacked, I mean, she was lucky,' said Kelly Polk. 'She's trained by the military to be able to defend herself and be able to get out of that situation, but if it was somebody else, they may not have been so lucky.'

That attack left the victim with marks on her neck. She posted a picture of the injury on Facebook to let the larger community of Greenbrier know what happened.

Chesapeake police consider it an attempted robbery.

Neighbors said that earlier in the day Saturday, someone's home close to the attack was burglarized.

Polk, who said someone had tried to break into her house in the past, already had security measures in place, but now she has the 'full boat.' She and her husband added motion sensors around the home Sunday. Their security company will be making another visit.

'We're doing everything we have to at our house, everything to carry personally some type of protection whether it's mace or something sharp, whatever it takes,' explained Polk. 'I'm not gonna be a victim and I'm not gonna let my children be a victim. It's just sad that that's today's society.'

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