What is it ? a rubber non-adhesive mat that will allow you to place your cell phone, mp3 player, and even change on your dashboard without having it fall off when you take a turn.

What does it claim? to be washable and movable.

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident and cell phone user Brittney Bayer

What Are The Instructions ? It's pretty simple to operate. First clean the dashboard of dirt,dust and wax. Also clean the pad with soap and water. When deciding on where to put your Get-A-Grip Pad make sure you do not place it on or near airbags. It's also noted that the Pad should not be used on surfaces that have a lacquered finish or on cars with hard or painted plastic dashes. It's also recommended that the Pad be moved weekly because UV rays may cause your dashboard to fade or discolor over time.

Did it work? Our tester was very impressed. She didn't really have a spot to put her phone when she was driving that it wouldn't slide off or fall if she took a turn. The Get-A-Grip Pad let her place her phone where she could access it easily and see her GPS as well as the red light that indicates if she missed a call or a text.

Cost/Availability? We purchased our Get-A-Grip for $3.99 at Walgreens.

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