What is it? A nail art stamping kit

What does it claim? to help you decorate your nails like a pro!

Who tested it? Virginia Beach resident Mary Pavelo

How does it work? The first thing you need to do is apply a base coat of polish to your nails and let it dry thoroughly. Next select an image plate and place it in the Image Plate Holder. Then apply polish to the design of your choice. Use the Scraper to remove excess polish from the Image Plate. Press Stamper onto the selected image to put up the pattern. The Stamper has two sides. Depending on the size of your chosen design, use either the small stamp or the large stamp. You need to work quickly to transfer the design to your fingernail by gently pressing the Stamper onto one side of your nail and using a single rolling motion to apply the design. After your done using your Salon Express you can clean the Stamper, Scraper and Image Plates with nail polish remover.

Does it work? Pavelo wasn't really impressed. She had some difficulty trying to use the product and in the end felt like it would take a lot of practice and too much of her time to use Salon Express. But that said she still was willing to purchase the product for her 14 year old daughter and her friends to use.

Where can you buy it? You can purchase Salon Express at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99.

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