What is it? An expandable strainer that fits on pots, pans and bowls. We got the 'large' size that fits on pots, pans and bowls that are 9.45-11.8 inches.

What does it claim? To help you drain grease, cooking oil and water with ease and to be a great space-saver unlike bulky colanders.

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Sheri Searing.

What are the instructions? All you have to do is place the edge or rim of Better Strainer on the pot edge. Then pull the ring at the end of the silicone backwards and fix it to the opposite rim of the pot or pan you are using. Now you are ready to strain whatever is inside the pot.

There are a couple of tips to remember. You should NEVER cook with Better Strainer on any pot or pan. Always be careful when placing Better Strainer on any hot pot or pan. Always be careful when removing Better Strainer from any hot pot or pan. Be sure to avoid leaning over steam while pouring hot liquid into the sink. And children should not be allowed to use this product.

When you're ready to wash your Better Strainer you can just put it in the dishwasher. It's top-rack safe.

Did it work ? Our tester was very impressed. She doesn't like using her regular colander because she says it's too bulky. So the Better Strainer allowed her to use less storage space and she found it really easy to operate. She especially liked how it fit onto the pots and pans she was using. She found it stayed in place nicely while she was draining her boiling water into the sink. Plus, she liked the being able to hold it on the side to make sure it stayed in place.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Better Strainer at Walmart for around $10.

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