NORFOLK -- Norfolk police officers are asking city leaders for a 2.5 percent pay raise to offset the rising cost of living.

Increment pay raises have been frozen six years, so a six-year officer is making the same pay as a recruit who just graduated, Norfolk Police Union President Randy Brann told 13News Now.

'You call 911, and our officers show up. They haven't had an increment raise in six years,' Brann said.

While police haven't had a raise, they do get overtime pay. Last year Norfolk spent $3.8 million on police overtime - about $500,000 less than the previous year.

Brann said supervisors monitor police overtime and officers are restricted to 12 hours of overtime a month.

'We are getting hit with overtime issues and stories on overtime that are not true. Violent crime is down because these officers are working overtime, away from their families, away from recreational things they want to do, to put violent criminals in jail.'

City council would have to approve a pay raise for police during budget planning this Spring.

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