CHESAPEAKE--After a fatal crash on Bruce Road Monday, residents are speaking out about how dangerous they thinkthe road is. They say the road narrows, and all of a sudden there's a sharp bend, accompanied by a dip, and there are two ditches on both sides of the two lane road. Speed limit is 45 but they say drivers go way beyond that. They'd like to see some changes, saying the fatal accident was only a matter of time.

Residents say they often seecars goinginto the ditch.

43 year old ElizabethFitzwater was killed when her car collided head on with an oncoming pick up. Fitzwater died, and her four year old child was injured. The driver of the pick up was hurt too. Police believe Fitzwater was trying to avoid the ditch, but the investigation is ongoing. They say speed and alcohol were not factors in the crash.

Residents hope the city will at least reduce the speed limit or add some stop signs. They say the ditches make that stretch of road very dangerous.

City engineers say they're studying the road to see if something needs to be done. They're compiling dataand other measurementsfor analysis.

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