NEWPORT NEWS - Newport News Police say three Christopher Newport University students reported being robbed at gunpoint early Wednesday.

It happened in their home on Sunset Road around midnight, but authorities weren't notified for an hour, said police spokesman Harold Eley.

There were five people in the home when someone knocked on the door. When the door opened, two gunmen forced their way in and demanded money, they told police.

One of the students told 13News they thought it might be some friends who'd left earlier and that's why they opened the door.

But even when they realized it wasn't, they thought it was a joke.

One student told 13News he was forced to go to his room and get cash.

'I gave them my rent money and even offered them my clothes to get them out,' he said.

The second gunman took a cell phone and wallet from one of the others.

Another student said he's lived at the house for eight years and that, after this frightening incident, he is thinking about getting a concealed weapons permit.

According to Eley, the two other people in the home left before police arrived and apparently weren't robbed.

No one was hurt and the investigation continues.

Christopher Newport University sent this alert at 4:15 a.m.: 'NN Police advised CNU Police of a residential robbery/ burglary on Sunset Dr. near the Mariners; Museum. Stay clear from this area.'

An all-clear email was sent at 5:58 a.m. It stated 'The area of the overnight Sunset Dr robbery/burglary is all ALL CLEAR.'

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