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NEW YORK- The biggest pumpkin on record is now part of a massive sculpture in New York.

The pumpkin sculpture depicts a massive battle between plants and insects at the New York Botanical Garden's collection of carnivorous plants. The sculpture is a mass of fanged plants and vines with the 2,032 pound pumpkin rising from the stranglehold. It is carved to resemble a bee-hive with larger-than-life wasps made from other pumpkins buzzing around it.

'We came up with the concept of carnivorous plant. It's been squeezing this world record pumpkin we're really, really excited to be able to work with. The pumpkin was almost custom made for this design. It has a bunch of creases in it, so right now what we're doing, we're making the carnivorous plant look like it's got its vine wrapped around the pumpkin, squeezing it,' said master carver Ray Villafane.

The world record pumpkin was grown by Tim Matheson in Napa, California.

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