CHESAPEAKE---A new traffic study suggests drivers shouldn't have to pay more at the Chesapeake Expressway although an increase was originally planned.

Locals know plenty of ways to get around the toll road, and out-of-town transportation consultants found there were 800,000 fewer drivers passing through it since tolls increased from $2 to $6 during summer peak hours back in 2011.

Under the current plan, tolls will go from $6 to $8 in 2016, but a study by the consultants suggests that may not need to happen.

Even with the number of toll-dodgers on the rise, revenue at the expressway is up. From $8 million in 2011 to $10 million in the last year.

That means the toll rate in place now, could stay in place through 2016, if city council members accept the consultants' recommendation.

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