The rivalry between two fast food giants continues. Burger King is now advertising that its Big King burger is bigger than McDonald's Big Mac. During the past year, Burger King has been beefing up its competition with McDonald's by releasing new products and adjusting the menu. McDonald's, in the meantime, says bad weather is hurting US sales. They're said to be down by more than three percent.

Kraft is removing artificial preservatives from one of its most popular cheese products - Kraft singles. This is just the latest in a list of companies changing recipes as consumers scrutinize food labels. Sorbic acid in the individually- wrapped slices will be replaced with a natural ingredient that inhibits mold.

Here's a cell phone plan that claims to be one of the most affordable. 'Freedom Pop' has announced a $5.00 per month cell phone plan. Users who commit up front to two years of service will get unlimited voice and text messages as well as 500 mega bytes of data per month.

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