UPDATE 2/12 10 p.m.: VDOT crews are conducting snow removal operations across the state. Roads are mostly in moderate condition, with snow covering a major portion of the pavement. VDOT urges motorists to avoid or limit travel as much as possible through tonight and tomorrow morning. The safest place during this winter storm is indoors.

VDOT is doing the following Wednesday night:

  • More than 2,500 crewmembers in addition to contractors are treating roads or plowing snow across the state using over 12,300 pieces of equipment, including trucks and plows.
  • Crews are clearing interstate and primary roads first because they have the highest traffic volumes. In northern Virginia, crews work on high‐volume roads and in subdivisions concurrently.
  • VDOT's Safety Service Patrols are out on the roadways to help clear accidents or assist motorists.
  • Wreckers are positioned at strategic locations on interstates.
  • Tree and debris removal contractors are standing by.


RICHMOND Virginia Department of Transportation crews have begun full preparations for the significant winter weather expected Wednesday and Thursday.

VDOT says anti-icing operations have been conducted on major roads across the state, which started Tuesday and continued through this morning. Salt and brine help to melt ice and snow, creating greater friction on road surfaces.

VDOT crews will conduct snow removal efforts throughout the duration of the storm, focusing first on heavily traveled interstate and primary roads, then turning to secondary roads and subdivision streets.

Despite previous storms, VDOT says they have adequate salt supplies to fight this storm and treat roads and the agency continues to receive salt deliveries.

VDOT also has coordinated efforts with utility companies in anticipation of downed power lines. In an effort to restore power as soon as possible, the power company removes the lines, then VDOT removes trees and debris from the roads.

Never attempt to drive over or remove downed power lines yourself.

Motorists are encouraged to stay off roads unless travel is absolutely necessary.

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