PORTSMOUTH -- Danielle Cannon's brother, 29-year old Scott Upshur was gunned down two years ago on August 11, 2012. He lived in an apartment complex on Chowan Drive in Portsmouth when two men rushed in his apartment and robbed him.

Cannon believes it could have been a botched robbery. 'They robbed him, a robbery gone wrong pretty much,' the sister said.

Cannon said two other adults were in the apartment as well as three children. The sister said the robbers shot him three times, once in the head and twice in his torso.

She believes someone knows something about her brother's case but they're just too afraid to come forward. 'If they know anything they're not saying anything I hope that someone would come forward after 2 years they would have the courage to come forward so our family can go ahead and be at peace with this,' Cannon said.

She said solving the case will bring the family closure and justice especially for her brother's two children,' I want justice for them so at least when they get older they'll know who did it or those that were involved. They can know it was taken care and they'll have justice for that, they can be at peace for that.'

If you know anything about the case call the Portsmouth Police.

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