VIRGINIA BEACH It's still summer, but the start of the new school year isn't far away.

Kids likely aren't thinking about the rats inside Kemps Landing Magnet School last school year, but Va. Beach Schools officials haven't forgotten.

Cleaning is underway to make sure there's not an infestation this year.

'We redid the soffit, put traps, electronic traps, bait traps,' said Larry Ames, director of custodial services for Va. Beach Schools, noting that more than 50 rats have already been caught.

Insulation was ripped out of the ceilings where rats nested, too.

'It's a war,' Ames added.

The school system has spent more than $75,000 and countless hours working to make the 50-year-old building rat-free.

Experts believe the rats came from nearby marshland.

School officials say they'll find out just how rat-free the school is when it gets cold and rats look for warmth indoors.

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