VIRGINIA BEACH -- Daniel Stone is just eight weeks old. His brother John was born with a genetic brain injury and both have been treated by chiropractors. Their mother, Mary Elizabeth, has been taking Daniel to Dr. Lou Fernandez after seeing what the care has done for her older boy.

'In the last few months that we've been coming, he has said his last few words, as you can imagine that he's two and half,' said Mary Elizabeth Stone. 'He's using his hands more purposefully. He's attempting to feed himself now. He's just more connected with eye contact.'

Fernandez and his wife Dr. Tiffany Fernandez have a specialty in pediatric chiropractic care. In fact, last month the Fernandez's were recognized internationally for their results with newborns and expectant mothers.

'It's so simple and safe it's like why wouldn't you? I think people are afraid of what they don't know and yet they can easily do things like give them medicines which has side effects. They'll do it because it's accepted,' said Lou Fernandez.

Expectant mother Christy Jones credits spinal adjustments for her baby's position. The baby was breach but now is facing head down.

'When we balance out the spine and the pelvis, then we definitely know that it leads to safer and easier births for mom, because the baby has to navigate the pelvis through the birth process,' explained Dr. Tiffany Fernandez.

The chiropractor checks for vertebrae that are out of place. They move it back to place with their hands, freeing the nerves around the spine that may have been restricted.

Mother Ainsley Arment believes it helped her boy, Cody, who had colic.

'After an adjustment it would soothe them and they slept better,' said Arment. 'So I'm such a believer. I get my kids adjusted every week.'

Some argue this type of treatment is considered to be a short-term fix and the problems reoccur. The argument is that chiropractors, in general, do not do muscle exercises that are often considered necessary for a full recovery.

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