HAMPTON -- The body of a missing 5-year-old girl with autism has been found in a lake about two blocks from her home, officials on the scene tell 13News.

Kaymania Serenity Catta, who is called 'K. K.', was reported missing around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Her family said she couldn't speak and didn't know the area because the family just moved to Triton Way in the Westview Lakes neighborhood. The father is an airman stationed at Langley Air Force Base.

Va. State Police dive teams suited up Thursday to search the lake where she was found.

Hampton police and fire personnel, along with Newport News Police, military agencies, were joined by the FBI and the state Emergency Management search-and-rescue teams.

Police also said the Center for Missing and Exploited Children was sending people to provide logistical support.

Spokeswoman Patty Davis told that personnel had been sent, but they had not arrived Thursday morning.

Authorities also said an expert from Michigan was flying in and that person had consulted with authorities about a search plan for Thursday morning.

'K.K.' was wearing a black shirt with 'Hello Kitty' written on it and purple shorts with white stripes. She was not wearing shoes.

Wednesday night, several airmen from Langley Air Force Base were searching the area, hoping to find the little girl. Her father is stationed at the Hampton base.

Members of the Hampton Police dive team searched one of the lakes in the area. Other officers were out on ATVs in the woods, while Fire and Rescue used thermal imaging equipment.

'You've got people that have been out looking in the neighborhoods directly adjacent to us, the neighborhoods that are behind us. You've got a lot of people out,' said neighbor Sherrie Turner. 'People were just so willing to immediately stop what they were doing and try to assist.'

Turner is one of countless members of the community who joined the search effort.

'I think just because everybody's heart went out, especially identifying that the child was autistic and some of the neighbors were aware of the child, and so it was just an immediate response to get involved and then see what we can do,' Turner told 13News. 'We're just gonna be on pins and needles until we find some resolution.'

The young girl would have turned six this month. A candlelight vigil will be held in the neighborhood Thursday night at 8:00.

Agencies involved in the search:
Hampton Fire and Rescue Division
Newport News Police Department
United States Air Force
Virginia State Police
Virginia Emergency Management Search and Rescue Team
Greater Atlantic Rescue Dogs
Tidewater Search and Rescue
Center for Missing and Exploited Children
York County Sherriff's Office

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