HAMPTON -- The snow is gone but reminders of those storm are building up as sediment in some of the storm drains in Hampton.

The city is using the month of March to make sure all of the storm drains are clean before the spring showers begin.

'We know in spring we're going to get more rainfall, so we need to have these pipes as clean as possible. Because of the snow storms we have more debris than usual,' said Weston Young, a stormwater engineer for Hampton.

There was so much sediment in a drain on Queen Street near Hampton High School, a part of the road will have to be broken up so that larger equipment can be used to clean it out.

Anita Cox lives in the area. Water was backing up on her street from the rain Monday, but she said it doesn't flood as bad as it used to. She has lost two cars over the last four years due to flooding, that wasn't the result of hurricanes.
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