NEWPORT NEWS -- PEOPLExpress Airlines took to the skies from Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport Monday.

Tickets have been on sale for weeks, attracting riders with low-cost prices.

'Fares are great. Fares are great,' said PEOPLExpress customer Bob Rudalf. 'I mean, you go from here to Pittsburgh to Boston to Newark to Florida, you know, for fifty, sixty, seventy bucks a piece. You can't beat that.'

Fares start at $76 one-way, including taxes and fees. The first checked bag will cost you $20 and the second is $25.

The Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport believes PEOPLExpress has something more to offer customers than just low fares.

'I think the customer service and the difference that PEOPLExpress is going to be able to prove in the coming months as they ramp up and really fully get started,' said airport spokeswoman Jessica Wharton.

Right now, the airline offers two round trip flights each day to Newark, New Jersey. There's also one round trip flight each day to Boston and Pittsburgh. And the airline believes that as its popularity grows, so will the local economy.

'Not only do you have people traveling out and in for business, but to see some of the great attractions here, a lot of jobs created,' says Jeff Erickson, People Express CEO.

PEOPLExpress announced that they were back in business in 2012, but obstacles delayed their start date. They hope by offering benefits to the region and its customers, riders will give them a try and then want to fly with them again.

The airline plans to add flights to several more cities by the end of the summer.

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