NORFOLK -- Police are investigating how a pick-up truck ended up crashing into a rehabilitation center in reverse Sunday evening.

'I just hear the big bump, and I said 'Oh my God,'' recalled Maria Orellana, who felt her neighboring business along Newtown Road shake during the collision.

Around 5:30 p.m., witnesses tell 13News Now the pick-up truck sped backwards through the parking lot of Stoney Point Center and hit a car before slamming intoGait Center Hampton Roads.

Orellana said the driver of the pick-up truck appeared disoriented when she ran over to help him.

'I give him hug and said, 'Calm down. You'll be okay,'' explained Orellana. ''This is nothing. You shouldn't worry about the building and the truck. You're alive. This is more important.''

The pick-up truck driver was taken to the hospital with what witnesses described as minor injuries.

The driver of the car hit by the truck was not hurt.

Information on what led up to the crash was not immediately available.

The owner of the strip mall estimated the damage to the property to be approximately $20,000.

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