VIRGINIABEACH-- A happy ending to the search for a missing chihuahua.

On the WVEC Facebook page Tuesday morning, Motley Mutts posted this note - 'Thank you Sula Kim. Dodson the lost dog was just found this morning crossing Birdneck Rd. and is with his family now!!!!'

Brandi Rima dropped off Dodson chihuahua at Motley Mutts on Thursday, but when she came back to pick him up, he was gone.

The owner of Motley Mutts, Adam Mayo, said Dodson pushed through a gate and ran out the door when someone walked in.

Mayo said he hopped in his truck and chased the three-year-old, but it was too late. The dog was gone.

Rima and her family had been passing out fliers and walking through every street at the Oceanfront in hopes of finding him.

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