PORTSMOUTH - Carbon monoxide testing continued Friday at a public housing complex in Portsmouth following the deaths of a man and woman Thursday morning.

Leroy and Inez Stith, both age 65, were found in their unit at Swanson Homes on South Street.

Fire department personnel detected elevated levels of carbon monoxide in the unit, so they evacuated residents from the three other units in the building as a precaution. Those residents were tested for CO exposure.

Authorities say the medical examiner is trying to determine why the couple died -- whether it was carbon monoxide poisoning or something else.

Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority and Columbia Gas are testing all 210 apartments in the complex to find the source of the carbon monoxide.

Meantime, residents were being given a carbon monoxide safety sheet and a fact sheet that explains the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Portsmouth Fire Dept. conducts free home safety surveys for residents, which include checks for fire hazards. To schedule a survey, call 393-8689.

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