ASHLAND, OHIO-- US Marshals say the man wanted for killing his ex-girlfriend in North Carolina over the July 4 weekend has been arrested.

27-year-old Nate Summerfield had been on the run since he returned toAshland, Ohio from the Outer Banks, dropped off Lynn Jackenheimer's two children and left.

US Marshal's Office says Summerfield was captured around 9:30 a.m. at Legacy Inn in Medina, Ohio, about 30 miles north of Ashland. He was there for one day, offered no resistance and was not armed, they said.

Officials also said they found Summerfield's vehicle in Michigan on August 8.

'We are still gathering information on the arrest and are beginning preparations for his return to North Carolina,' Chief Deputy Steven Hoggard said.

Jackenheimer was found dead on July 14. She'd been strangled and stabbed, Dare County, NC officials said.

'Whatever we need to do we'll do to get justice for Lynn Jackenheimer,' one Ashland Co. Sheriff's official said.

The US Marshals also said anyone found to have helped Summerfield during his month on the run could face charges.

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