NORFOLK--Thousands of peoplemay notice a change in the taste or smell oftheir tap water for a few weeks.

Beginning Thursday, Norfolk Public Utilities will use Chlorine instead of Chloramine to treat its water and that may affect how the water tastes and smells.

Norfolk treats water that is used by about 850,000 people in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and on military bases.

'They might notice a little odor and taste a little more Chlorine in the water, but it's the same good quality water that Norfolk has always produced,' said Harry Kenyon, Management Services Administrator for Norfolk Department of Utilities.

Katherine Gavin works at Donut Dinette in Norfolk and hopesthat's true.

'I hope it doesn't affect our ice machine because then we can't put any of our ice in. We'll have to get it from restaurant depot or something,' said Gavin.

Kenyon advises anyonesensitive to the taste of Chlorinecanmask the flavorby putting a few drops of lemon in the water.

The city is trying to notify residents not to be alarmed by the change and it also notified dialysis centers so they can respond to possible questions from patients.

'The dialysis centers routinely filter their water for Chlorine and Chloramine so it's really no change for them. It's for them to know so if their patients call and have questions about it, they're able to answer those,' stated Kenyon.

The Chlorine will run through the system until Nov.1.

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