SUFFOLK -- A police officer takes an oath to serve and protect. That's just what Officer William Bradshaw on January 4. The Suffolk officer saved a choking woman's life.

He went to a home on Hamer Road and found a 38-year-old woman who wasn't breathing.

According to police, the woman had fallen down and stopped breathing during a conflict with family members.

Officer Bradshaw first checked her mouth and worked to revive her. The woman gasped for air. He checked her mouth again and found several large pieces of chewing gum that had kept her from breathing. He got the gum out and she began to breathe on her own.

EMS workers arrived and got her to the hospital.

'I am very proud of Officer Bradshaw for his quick thinking and his ability to effectively apply the training he was provided,' said Chief Thomas Bennett.

Officer Bradshaw, who has been with the Suffolk Police Department since May 2005, will be nominated for a Suffolk Police Department Life Saving Award.

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