NORFOLK -- A Suffolk man was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday for making death threats against both the President and former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

According to a press release from the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, 43-year-old David Gil Wilkinson, a retired Special Forces Navy Chief, called 911 in Southampton County claiming to be a FBI Agent on a secret mission. When officers responded Wilkinson allegedly told them he was going to run for president and personally execute both the President and Hillary Clinton.

Wilkinson was committed for an emergency mental health evaluation for 72 hours.

Wilkinson re-iterated his desire to execute the President and Hillary Clinton to Secret Service agents, the release states.

When Wilkinson was released he drove to Henrico County, called 911 and told operators that President Obama was out, people needed to die, and he was part of a group that would take back America, according to the release.

Wilkinson faces a maximum penalty of 10 years if convicted.

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