NORFOLK -- Fire-Rescue responded to the 200 block of A View Avenue for a residential fire around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. The firefighters were met in the front yeard by an occupant of the apartment who led them to the fire escape top level. He showed them a small charcoal grill which had been on fire.

The fire had extended into the siding and door fram of the apartment building and said he was awakened by the smell of smoke. He says he went outside to investigate the smell and found the fire in the grill. He extinguished the fire using a small fire extinguisher.

Norfolk Fire-Rescue Fire Marshal's Office were called out to investigate the cause of the fire and it was ruled an arson.

Shawn Scott was arrested and charged with arson, threat to burn, and 2 counts of writing a threat to kill or do bodily harm.

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