KITTY HAWK -- Hurricane Sandy threatened a Halloween tradition in Kitty Hawk Landing that Tim Beacham started 14 years ago.

'Everybody brings a little bit of food: hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, just, you know hors d'oeuvres type food, and we just, for about an hour or so, just socialize, and have a good time, and, then, we load the kids up on the trailer, and head through the neighborhood,' Beacham explained.

Wednesday evening, the trailer rolled through the soundside community.

'We were creamed back here with Irene, and we had a surge, probably 12-foot of water in this neighborhood, and it just devastated it,' Beacham told 13News. 'This year, unfortunately, our oceanfront got creamed.'

'I have friends that live over there. They're oceanfront, and they talk about how it's 2 and 3 feet down there,' Laura Piland said. 'I understand that, 'cause we had that during Irene. We had 2 feet in our downstairs, but, considering, you know, you look at New York and NewJersey, and I think we're very fortunate in what happened in this hurricane.'

'I was devastated, 'cause I thought, 'They're gonna cancel Halloween!'' 9-year-old Morgan Godsey told 13News. 'I feel so happy.'

'I like how you get to meet so many people, and get a lot of candy,' said Joseph Morgan, a Second Grade student at Kitty Hawk Elementary School. 'I'm really happy, and I got a lot of candy.'

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