GLOUCESTER CO.-- The Gloucester Sheriff's Department has been on a roll lately, solving a string of daytime home burglaries.

Following last week's arrest of five teenagers, police yesterday arrested 27-year-old Steven Tozer of Gloucester on 15 felony criminal charges and five misdemeanors linked to 8 break-ins.

After investigators identified Tozer as a suspect, he was put under surveillance. Yesterday, officers followed him to a house on Crab Thicket Road.

'An alarm went off once he forced entry into the residence. I believe that scared him off,' said Sheriff Darrell Warren.

Tozer was later arrested while parked at a nearby convenience store.

'We knew he was a person of interest, but we really wanted some additional confirmation,' Warren added.

Investigators have recovered most of the property Tozer is accused of stealing, including a diamond ring valued at $10,000.

'We have solved three strings of burglaries in as many weeks.' said Warren.

Tozer remains in the Gloucester Jail without bond.

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