NEWPORT NEWS-- A necropsy performed on the body of a black and white female Pit bull, found floating off a pier behind Davis Boat Works in Newport News last Sunday, has revealed several clues as to her identity.

The necropsy report determined that the dog had been tied to an 11-pound weight and thrown into the river, shattering one of her ribs and likely causing her to drown.

The necropsy report also determined the following clues as to the dog's identity:
2 to 4 years old
Mostly black with a white muzzle, chin, collar, chest, and abdomen and white socks on all four feet
Recently gave birth to a litter, approximately four months ago
May have recently been seen by a veterinarian and had evenly shaved rectangular patches of fur on her front legs

Peninsula veterinary clinics are asked to search their records for dogs who may match her description.

Warning Graphic Content: PETA took 2 photos of the dog soon after its remains were recovered in hopes that someone might recognize it.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact PETA at 757-622-7382 or

PETA is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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