VIRGINIA BEACH -- Wanting to address concerns that heavy drilling from the new Lesner Bridge project could potentially damage nearby homes and businesses, city officials are encouraging owners of structures near the bridge to sign up for damage assessment surveys.

Crews will inspect your property to document its condition.

City officials explained the surveys are just a precautionary measure, and it is unlikely that construction related vibrations will cause any damage to nearby homes.

'It protects both the city and homeowner,' Chris Wojtowicz of public works said.

When construction begins on the new Lesner Bridge, the prosess used to set the piles may create strong vibrations that could cause cracks in nearby homes or businesses.

'We will have vibration monitors installed on nearby properties. If vibrations go over the limit, we can change the amount of energy used to hit the pile,' Wojtowicz explained.

City officials are advising homeowners to do the surveys to be sure they have proof that bridge construction damaged their homes. That way there's a better chance the city will reimburse you.

McLean Construction, the company building the bridge, has hired Seismic Surveys Inc to visit only specific properties June 9-20.

Here's the list of properties that qualify for the voluntary surveys:

  • Pilots Association (Virginia and Maryland)
  • Lesner Inn Catering Club
  • Bubba's Seafood Restaurant
  • Starbucks
  • 3301 Ocean Shore Avenue
  • Lynnhaven Boat Ramp & Beach Facility
  • 3584 E. Stratford Road (former Jimmy's Pizza) IX-322
  • 3350 Cherry Tree Place
  • 3601 Shore Drive (2-story Condominium structure)
  • 3600 Shore Drive (3556 on the Bay Condominium Building)

If you sign up for a damage assessment, workers will take pictures of your property's exterior and interior. You're also encouraged to show the inspectors any areas of concern on your home or business.

To set up a consultation, you can contact Patrick Hastings with SSI at 888-250-6566.

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