VIRGINIA BEACH -- Counterfeit cash is causing trouble in the Kempsville area and police want you to look out for the phony money.

Wednesday morning, a man made a purchase at the Gulf gas station in the 6000 block of Indian River Rd. When he received a $10 bill for change, he didn't think anything was wrong.

'He didn't realize it was counterfeit at the time,' MPO Tonya Borman said.

But when he tried to buy something with the money, he was turned down. The person told him the bill was fake. Investigators are searching for whomever made the counterfeit bill, but they know tracking down the criminal will be tough.

'There's no telling how many hands that passed through,' Borman noted.

Virginia Beach police have received 23 reports of counterfeit bills this year alone. The majority of the bills are usually $20 and $50 bills.

Detectives have to send the money over to the Secret Service to make sure the cash is counterfeit. 'Sometimes they are not fake. Sometimes the bill might look weird and have a false positive when they use those magic markers,' authorities explained.

If you receive a counterfeit bill, it's your loss. You won't be reimbursed for the fake money. Check out these tips on how to spot counterfeit cash.

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