NEWPORT NEWS -- Oil, grease, tires, anti-freeze - those items aren't environmentally friendly, but a Newport News business is doing its part to make care care 'green.'

Ty and Leslie Jarvis own Go Gree Auto Care.Theylease a water-based parts cleaning machine that doesn't need harmful solvents to clean engine parts and soiled rags. They even recycle the oil that's a byproduct of the machine.

Another machine recycles anti-freeze.

After the mechanics work on the cars, a gravity drain technique captures oil from containers and filters. That gets poured into recycling drums.

Go Green also sells vegetable oils, green cleaning products and washable, reusable air filets.

'We also encourage the consumer to do their part in getting their tune-ups and purchasing long-life fluids and filters and things like that. They can do to lower the impact on the earth as well,' said Leslie Jarvis.

The company is on Warwick Blvd.

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