NORFOLK The case of four disabled adults found locked in a Philadelphia basement has grown into a national, in-depth investigation with ties to Norfolk.

On Wednesday, Philadelphia police announced 10 more victims have been discovered. They range in age from two to 19 years old. They all appear to be related to either the suspects who are already in jail or the victims found earlier in the week.

One of the four in the basement is Herbert Knowles who vanished from Norfolk three years ago.

Investigators say the suspects collected cash from the victims' social security checks.

Authorities announced a fourth suspect on Wednesday. 32-year old Jean McIntosh is believed to be the daughter of the scheme's accused ringleader, Linda Weston.

Police say they're re-opening another case linked to Weston. It's the case of Maxine Lee who died in Norfolk back in 2008 while living in a house Weston's rented.

Mary Lee is Maxine's mother. She lives in Philadelphia and says she never met Linda Weston.

'They said they didn't do nothing to Maxine,' said Lee.

Medical examiners determined that Lee died of acute Meningitis. Norfolk police had said on Tuesday morning that Weston was not part of any active investigation and that Maxine's death was considered to be from natural causes. By Tuesday night Maxine's mother says investigators were calling again.

The landlord of the home on Hooper Avenue where Lee was found dead says Weston suddenly moved out just a month after renting the place in October, 2008.

That landlord, who did not want to be identified, said Weston received multiple government checks while at the house. According to Maxine Lee's family, she didn't have a disability, so that raises more questions as to why she was ever with Weston.

Weston also tried to rent another place in the fall of 2008. It was an apartment on Ashlawn Drive in Norfolk. But the landlord there said when Weston showed up with 10 people, he called the deal off.

Mary Benson, of Philadelphia, was a friend of Maxine Lee and wonders how the 39-year-old linked with Weston.

'Maxine was a good person. She was a quiet person. She was a settled person, but she was very easy to be manipulated, very easy,' said Benson.

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