NORFOLK -- Police have arrested a man in the murder of a Norfolk barber, and now the suspect's grandmother is speaking out.

The murder happened in April, 2010.

This week, Dahson Iraldo was charged with murder and robbery in the death of barber shop owner Henry McIntosh.

The suspect's grandmother,Jacqueline McDonald, said her prayers are with the victim's family and that she has organized a group called Mother's Against Crime which focuses on ending violence.

McDonald says she's lost two children including Iraldo's father to gun violence.

'Any mother that's been through what I've been through, it's like an open wound that won't heal,' described McDonald.

Mother's Against Crime is using churches to help get their message to the community.

'We've worked together on certain projects just trying to get gang members to come and turn in their colors or turn their guns in,' said pastor Antonio Woolard of St. Paul Church of Christ Disciples. 'To redirect the youth and show them that they have some worth,' he added.

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