VIRGINIA BEACH- Sunday was the ten-year anniversary of Virginia Beach police officer Rodney Pocceschi's death in the line of duty.

'The purpose is to remember Rodney, to celebrate his life and his memories,' sister Gina Pocceschi Boyle said.

Pocceschi was killed in June 2003 during a traffic stop on Dam Neck Rd. A memorial is set up there to remember him.

His sister Gina Pocceschi Boyle started a charity to buy bullet proof vests for officers whose departments do not provide them. Virginia Beach does have vests for officers.

Pocceschi Boyle says all the work is to keep her brother's spirit alive. 'I think he is the person who just looked down upon us, and said this is something you need to do. He was a very giving person.'

Each bullet proof vest costs about $1,000. Pocceschi Boyle says Since 2006, 'Fallen Officers Remembered' has donated more than 250 bullet proof vests to officers. 'For $1,000, we helped one officer protect himself.'

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