RICHMOND (AP) -- Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli went before the Virginia Court of Appeals Tuesday morning to ask the judges to exonerate a man who was imprisoned on false sexual assault charges.

Johnathan Montgomery served four years in prison before a Hampton neighbor, Elizabeth Coast, admitted she fabricated the sexual assault accusation.

Coast ultimately came forward and admitted her lie. She was sentenced to two months in jail for committing perjury.

Montgomery's writ of actual innocence had been on hold at the appeals court until Coast's case was resolved.

Cuccinelli's office in September filed a brief with the court. The brief said Coast's perjury conviction is 'clear and convincing' evidence that Montgomery is innocent.

Coast had claimed that Montgomery molested her in 2000 when he was 14 and she was 10. He was convicted during a 2009 trial in Hampton.

Today's hearing, which lasted about an hour, was aimed at clearing Montgomery's name and his record. The judges could rule within weeks or months.

Cuccinelli also argued before the court at the actual innocence hearing of Thomas Haynesworth in 2011.

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