PORTSMOUTH -- Portsmouth police are warning job seekers about a new scheme involving help wanted ads.

Here's how it works: The perpetrator places a help wanted ad. After you apply for the job, the perpetrator sends you a pay advance in the form of a bad check. Unknowingly, you deposit the check and that's when plans change. The alleged 'employer' now no longer needs your services and asks you to send some of the money back.

Police spokesperson Misty Holley explains what victims are then told by the perpetrator.

'For your trouble, I sent you a check for $800 for four weeks. For your trouble, you go ahead and keep $200 and send me $600,' Holley explained.

It's only after the money is sent that the victim realizes the check was no good.

Coming up at 6, we talked with an ODU student who became a victim of this scheme and we'll explain why it's so hard to catch the perpetrators.

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