11 a.m. UPDATE: The charges against Raymond Perry were noll prossed, meaning they can be revisited if the Commonwealth can gather sufficient evidence.
Commonwealth's Attorney Colin Stolle says that after reviewing evidence, his office found there wasn't sufficient enough to pursue charges at this time, including credibility issues with jailhouse witnesses in the case.
'I know my son's innocent. How can they noll pros the charges when they don't have evidence? They can't build a case around inmates,' said his mother Mia Perry.
Stolle says he still believes the charges against Perry will be revisited.
Perry's defense attorneys maintain their client's innocence and said they hope Victor Decker's murderer will be found.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- Charges are expected to be dropped Monday against a man charged in the 2010 murder of a Norfolk police officer.

The attorney for Raymond Perry confirmed that's what she expects to happen in a hearing in Virginia Beach court.

Officer Decker was shot to death as he left a fundraiser at a gentlemen's club on Oceana Blvd. in Virginia Beach. He was off duty at the time.

Perry, who was arrested in 2012, maintains he didn't kill Decker and says he wasn't even at the club that night.

Charges were dropped in March against Karen Turner, the second person charged in the case. He also said he wasn't involved in Decker's murder.

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