VIRGINIA BEACH -- A road rage case where a man threatened a driver with a gun is under investigation.

Police say a driver reported he was on Lynnhaven Parkway heading toward Princess Anne Road Saturday night. There was an accident, so he merged into the next lane. The suspect pulled up next to him at the red light near Dahlia Dr., they started to argue and that's when the victim says the other driver pulled out a handgun.

When the light turned green, both drivers turned onto Princess Anne Rd. When the suspect vehicle turned onto Pleasant Valley Road, the first driver kept going and got away. He reported the incident to police shortly after that -- around 8 p.m.

Police are searching for the suspect, who they believe drives a 2006 Lexus. Detectives are working to provide more information on his description.

While no one was hurt in this case, road rage can turn violent. This past May, police said two women got into a fist fight at Independence Boulevard and Bonney Road after one side-swiped the other. In December 2012, a case of road rage ended when a furious driver followed a man home to the Kings Grant area and shot him, police said.

Tips for Dealing with Road Rage:
Officers say don't engage the driver in an argument. You should also get as much information about the suspect's description as you safely can.
If you feel like the driver is following you, don't drive home.

'Go to a location that is safe, like a local police department,' MPO Tonya Borman said.

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