KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC - Judy Beasley lost everything during Hurricane Irene. She owns Billy's Seafood, the neighborhood's favorite spot for fresh fish and crabs in Kill Devil Hills.

Beasley pointed to a painted line inside the store that marks where sound floods peaked during the 2011storm - nearly fourfeet abovethe floor.

'The water had never been that high here on the sound side,' said Beasley. 'We've been here for 42 years.'

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, memories of Beasley's loss come to the surface. She is now back on her feet thanks to help from the community.

'We had a very good season,' she said. 'People were kind and came in to check on us.'

Some of those people are visitors like Gary and Mary Reed from Mechanicsville. They stopped by the store Friday during a trip to their Kitty Hawk vacation home.

'It's crazy,' said Gary. 'I've never seen a storm this late in the season.'

'We didn't do anything but take the furniture off the porch and decks,' said Mary. 'We're more concerned about what's going to go on at home. We're going to get it, too.'

Dare County officials are expecting winds of up to 50 mph in some spots over the weekend.

If winds shift to the northwest as expected, the possibility of sound flooding increases.

'Hopefully we won't see anything other than an offshore storm,' Beasley said.

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