PORTSMOUTH -- Monday night 16-year old Mirandah Price was riding her bike taking a short cut between her mother's place in Portsmouth and her father's home in Chesapeake when she was hit by a car near the intersection of Lincoln Street and DesMoines Avenue in Portsmouth.

She doesn't recall much, 'All I remember is waking up in the hospital with a fractured shoulder, head trauma, and marks, that's it,' Price said.

Right now Price has a black eye, bruised face, and her arm is in a sling accompanied with a fractured shoulder. She also has road rash all over body.

Still in a lot of pain and little woozy from pain medication, the 16-year old teenager has one wish; she wants the driver of the car who hit her to turn himself in, '... I wish he would come clean because a hit and run ain't good, but I hope he comes clean, ' Price stated.

Police say they are looking for a white Chrysler 300.

Price was wearing a helmet when she was hit and she realizes her injuries could have been more severe. As far as getting on her bike again is concerned she said, 'Yeah it makes me nervous but I will still be pedaling away when I get better.'

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