A pregnant Texas mother went to register her son for pre-K at an elementary school on Thursday, and ended up walking out with two kids.

'At first I was like, Oh my God. I can't believe I'm one of those ladies that has a baby at one of those weird, random places,' said Vanessa DeLeon, of Pasadena, Texas.

'I walk in there and tell the lady, Here is the immunization and the package filled out. Is there anything I'm missing because I have to go now. I'm in labor.'

The new school nurse at Fisher Elementary School, Ashleigh Morris, was on her second day of her job when she was faced with delivering a baby.

'This is our makeshift labor and delivery room for the day,' Moore said. 'She laid down right here. She was screaming.'

With the help of the principal and school officer, they delivered the baby. Minutes later, the baby came into the world. They used a string to cut the umbilical cord.

With no towels or blankets in school, they needed something to wrap the baby in.

'Ashleigh is over there and she is saying I need t-shirts, we are just grabbing them and throwing to her,' said Principal Libby Escalante.

Geovani Ezekiel Deleon weighed in at 6 pounds and 3 ounces.

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