NORFOLK - As people look for ways to make extra money, plasma centers are seeing more donors.

Randy Hein gives at least once a week at Bio-Test.

"It's a great time to read listen to music. I have CDs I listen to, self-help cds. It's a great thing to do," Hein says.

Video: It pays to donate plasma

He's out of work right now, so it's helps him and his donated plasma will be used to treat others.

Calvin Macklin feels the same way.

"If you are a healthy person, it is pretty easy. An hour, two hours and $25- $30 always helps," he admits.

Donations are up just down the road at IBR Plasma Center.

Christine Simon says after making the first donation, she felt comfortable to do it again.

She's been donating plasma twice a week for three months. She says she makes about $250 a month.

With compensation amounts varying, people can make as much as $600

"You get $40 the first time, $50 the second time, then $25 and $35 each week and if someone mentions your name, you get an extra $10," she notes.

The donors know what they're doing can save lives and it's helping them make it through tough economic times.

Unlike blood donations, you can donate plasma twice a week. However, you have to pass an on-site physical and have a Social Security card and picture ID.

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