VIRGINIA BEACH A local family is now getting used to the reality of living in their dream home, thanks to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Beverly Hill, Fred Burdette and their six adopted daughters were sent to Disneyland while the crews were busy building them a new home. That house was revealed on Saturday and the family could not believe their eyes.

'I thank you from the bottom of my heart... bottom of my feet to the top of my head, I thank you for everything, all of you,' expressed Hill. 'And if you do want a hug later, I will give it to you.'

'It has brought tears to me,' said Burdette. 'I mean I was laughing and crying at the same time. So I mean this has been a big change in my life.'

On Sunday, various businesses, schools and organizations made special presentations to the family, including ODU which offered $100,000 of tuition costs for any of the children.

Farm Fresh also gave a years supply of groceries and Moe's threw in a years supply of free burritos.

'We have to pay it forward,' said Burdette. 'That's what we need to do right now. We have to humble ourselves.'

The episode of the big reveal will air in May.

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